Michael & Marisa have grown up in a culture that they feel needs an infusion of values and social responsibility.

They desire to help lead by example with their music, and as role models for their generation. 

True to their musical tastes, they both realize that together they can make more of an impact than as individuals by writing and performing songs that deliver strong messages. 

For their social platform as performing artists seeking to make an impact, they have chosen to promote environmental causes and children’s causes while at the same time managing their strenuous educational, recording, and performing schedule.

Their main ambassadorships are with: 



As spokespeople for PACER Teens Against Bullying, Michael and Marisa make appearances at schools, anti-bullying symposiums and other anti-bullying rallies. Featured on CNN’s iReport highlighting their original song, “The Same” about what runs through the mind of the bystander when faced with bullying, their song has helped kids realize that bystanders hold the key to knocking out bullying.  With 2,270,000 youtube views, the duo is connecting with teens across the world and is making them more aware of how they can help their friends and classmates who are being bullied: “If our song causes even one bystander to take a stand, that one action can be the start of a chain of events than can help to stop bullying.”  Michael and Marisa wrote “The Same” about Mass teen Phoebe Prince, who was severely bullied by her peers, and as a result committed suicide.  Marisa says:  “Bystanders can save lives by speaking up.  The hero lies with them.”  Numerous schools across the country have learned and performed the song as part of their anti-bullying awareness programs.  Schools not only play the music video, but are teaching the song in their music classes and performing it at school concerts.  

Parents Magazine quotes Michael and Marisa as saying:  “For kids to tell kids to stop bullying is much more powerful than for adults to say “stop bullying.”

The Same was selected as the featured song in the anti-bullying documentary film, “Bullied to Silence”, which premiered at the Boston International Film Festival. 

Their follow up song, “Beautiful Comeback” was prompted shortly after Michael and Marisa began receiving piles of teen responses to “The Same.” The song went on to receive recognition placing high in the Unisigned Only International Songwriting Competition based in Nashville, which received 19,000+ worldwide entries.


Works with major concert promoters to live stream concerts into Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald House locations, also providing show tickets for children or parents suffering from illness and their families.


The Fender Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. The organization aims to keep music education alive and available in our nation’s schools and communities. Founded in 2005, this public charity has reached over 187,000 people through its grants of instruments to music education programs. These grant recipients, which give more people the opportunity to make music, include school music classrooms, community based organizations and music therapy programs.

The organization supports music education programs nationally by providing those in need with instruments and by advocating the benefits of music education.

We understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages, and the tremendous gift it brings to participants and listeners. We understand the power of music on the soul and the vehicle it provides for our sanity, health and creativity. We want to help make that gift available to everyone, with the understanding that the process of participating in music is a means to this end; that people don’t have to be rock stars or professional musicians to enjoy the rewards of music participation, and that age is not a factor in the enjoyment or ability to learn to play music.


We believe everyone can make things better if they just decide to do so. Through our site and endeavors, we want to give people many opportunities, ideas, and ways to help people in need.

A huge problem facing many individuals and non-profits is that they are not able to tell the world about what they are doing, simply because they are too busy actually doing it. We started Regular Hero to be their voice, tell their story, and raise resources so we can all continue to make the world better.

Our goal is to create as many givers as possible. We believe giving is the one action we can all do to make the world a better place. That is why all of our energy, money, time, and resources go towards this one action. Whether you help a stranger, donate your time, or sponsor a giving campaign, every Regular Hero gives.

Keep it Simple
Do all you can, with what you have right now!

Be There
Look for opportunities to help. Be proactive, not reactive.

Help Others Succeed
Promote others and think creatively about how you can use your resources to help them succeed.

“Save the Sea” is an environmental charity which is dedicated to supporting true oceanic causes and non-profit organizations from around the globe, who are committed to helping raise awareness, “Save the Sea” and protect our environment. PBS Kids quotes Marisa as saying:  “A lot of our songs are about doing things to make the world a better place.”  “I Bet I Could” is about helping the environment. We really like to write and perform lyrics that will make an impact.”

Youth in Harmony is an organization which promotes musical arts for underprivileged children, mainly providing instruments for schools, especially for children with special needs. is one of the largest organizations for young people and social change, whose 2.6 million members tackle campaigns that impact many causes, from poverty to violence to the environment to any cause, anytime, anywhere.

The music of Michael & Marisa is intended to inspire change and hope. Their clever lyrics have a social context, which connect with the sometimes confused and disillusioned thoughts of teens and young adults.  Their sound is sophisticated with a whimsical and lush pop feel and was fashioned with the intention of expanding their musical canvas beyond traditional formulaic pop, evoking familiar instrumentation and style influences from the past while blending in modern and foreword-thinking production and sound design.